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Networking groups are comprised of business persons desiring to grow their business.  Group members can include professionals, large and small business owners, sales people, executives, managers and non-profit representatives.

Networking groups are also called leads clubs, leads groups, lead generation groups, leads networks, leads exchange groups, business alliance groups, business leads clubs, business networks, business networking, breakfast clubs, connection groups, entrepreneur groups, referral groups, and tip groups.  These organizations are an effective way of improving your personal and professional success.
Look in your local newspaper or business publication.  You should find several networking groups listed.  Most groups are easy to join and are a great place to network.  Finding the right leads group is very important, though.  You can end up in a group that places pressure on their members, creating an environment that's not business friendly!  You may want to avoid these groups.  Many are affiliated with a national franchise and usually have rules like these:
  • Strict bylaws, attendance requirements, including tardy or late restrictions.
  • Initiation fees, regular membership dues (monthly fees), plus certain penalty fees.
  • Required referrals (providing leads) to members weekly.
  • Taking a leadership position (sometimes as a board member).
  • Rigidly structured meetings, no going over allotted speaking time.
  • Loyalty to the club, meaning you can't participate in other networking groups.
  • No freedom to control more than one category.
Below are logos of some international, national, and local leads organizations.  These leads groups have one or more of the above mentioned rules:
Business Network International LeTip Groups Ali Lassen's Leads Club Connections Clubs

The Business Network Alliance takes a sharp turn from the above philosophy.  What makes our groups appealing to the business community is our structure.   
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